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School Uniform Guidance

School uniform with our logo is optional and is available from our online shop at Price and Buckland. School uniform without our logo can be purchased at many supermarkets and clothing retailers.

To enter the Price and Buckland website please follow the link below;


School uniform

P.E. kit

 General Rules

  • Shoulder length or longer hair to be tied back
  • Hair bands should be simple in style and plain in colour
  • No jewellery other than earrings - one pair of stud earrings only
  • No nail varnish

Naming clothes and shoes

It is important that all clothing is named clearly, but especially ties, jumpers/cardigans and sports wear.  Named clothing items, if found, are returned to the child. Un-named ‘lost property’ is kept until the end of each term and, if not claimed, is then donated to the Parent Group for their ‘pre-loved’ uniform sale.