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Pupil Premium

All our work funded by the Pupil Premium is aimed at accelerating progress so that the vast majority of children leave Dedham C of E Primary at, or above, the national average. We also aim for every child to make progress that is good or better from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. 

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2018/19: £37,180


Pupil Premium funding is allocated to pupils whose circumstances meet the following criteria:

• ‘Children Looked After’ for a period of six months or more.

• Children from low-income families who are currently eligible for free school meals.

• Children who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years.

• Children from families who work in the Armed Forces.


Within the school, the Pupil Premium funding is formally allocated and reviewed annually by the Pupil Premium Champion and informally reviewed each term. The Pupil Premium Champion works closely with staff to monitor the progress of children in receipt of the funding and analyse the impact of the funding which has been allocated.

When reviewing the funding, the specific needs and aspirations of the pupils in receipt of the funding will be considered. Considerations which will impact where funding is allocated is as follows:

•Children with English as an Additional Language (EAL)

•Children who are performing below age related expectations

•Children who are falling behind their expected targets (based on KS1 results)

· Children who have been identified as needing extra support within EYFS and KS1, including Speech and Language support, in order to be on track for meeting expectations at the end of KS1


Use of Pupil Premium Funding

Finance: A full breakdown of spending can be found in our Pupil Premium Strategy which can be downloaded using the link at the top of this page.

Support Systems:

Focused Learning: Funding is used to enable us to run ‘Focused Learning’ sessions after school on a Thursday afternoon. These sessions are run by the children’s own class teacher and enables the children to have personalised and effective small group support. Groups of up to 7 children are invited to attend sessions on a specific objective in either maths or English for half a term. Progress against the targeted objective (including the children’s confidence) is recorded for each Focused Learning group to enable the Pupil Premium Champion to evaluate the impact of this support. Focused learning sessions are established within school and are well-received by pupils, parents and teachers as a means of giving specialised and targeted support to individuals who may benefit from small group work with the class teacher.

Financial Support: We are committed to ensuring we use the funding to support families with the cost of activities that broaden the curriculum, e.g. school trips and residential visits.

Small group and 1:1 support for KS2 pupils: Sessions will focus on stretching and challenging pupils, support students to work towards KPIs from the current year group or previous, or prepare them with the lead-up to SATs to build confidence though group work. The sessions will be planned closely with class teachers to ensure the sessions are personalised for the individual pupils to enable them to make the best progress possible. Impact sheets will be completed to be able to monitor and assess the impact of the sessions.

Speech & Language and targeted support for KS1: Children who join the school in EYFS are assessed using the WellComm assessment toolkit. Children identified as having lower than expected communication skills are given support sessions with a trained HLTA to improve their speech and language. In order for this to have the greatest impact, the interventions are delivered by the same member of staff whose primary role within the school is to plan and deliver specialised interventions for maths, English, phonics, fine-motor skills and speech & language following discussions with class teachers about the needs of each child. The Black Sheep Speech and Language resources have been purchased by the school to ensure provision for individual pupils are appropriate and progressive along with enabling more contact time between pupils and the HLTA. The Black Sheep resources are also made available for teachers to use as class-based interventions throughout the school.

Play therapy & Well-being Mentor: Specialist sessions are provided for specific children to support social and emotional development from external agencies. The emotional and mental well-being of our pupils is of the utmost importance.


Regular Reading with an adult: Children identified as being at risk of not meeting age related expectations are given the opportunity to read regularly with an adult in school to work on decoding and comprehension skills.


Home Learning Support: We provide weekly Home Learning Support with both the Pupil Premium Champion (also Year 6 teacher) and the HLTA (who delivers the daily EYFS and KS1 interventions) every Monday after school. Pupils have access to ICT facilities and adult support to enable them to complete any home learning tasks suggested by class teachers, extra reading or work on areas which class teachers have identified the children may benefit from having extra support with, such as fine motor skills or handwriting.


Pupil Premium Champion: A designated ‘Pupil Premium Champion’ has been appointed to support parents and pupils within the school, monitor pupil attainment and analyse the impact of interventions. The Pupil Premium Champion will meet each term with the pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding and will create and update case studies for each pupil as a means of monitoring the development and progress of each child as they progress through the school.



Ways in which we monitor the impact of our support systems, together with our most recent KS2 outcomes for Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, can also be found in our Pupil Premium Strategy.